The United Kingdom's Outrigger Canoe Club based in Central London


OCUK's Coach

Cameron Taylor

Cam Taylor brings to OCUK a lifetime of paddling experience and over 20 years of coaching experience in both outrigger canoeing and dragon boating. He has been OCUK's coach since 2006 and his strong technical eye and discipline gives OCUK a strong platform to grow, not only as a club but as individual paddlers.

Cam works hard on developing and promoting the sport of outrigger canoe racing across the UK. His elite level technical coaching skills are sought after by clubs around the UK and he runs both canoeing and coaching clinics for sports groups interested in trying out outrigger canoeing. He has been pivotal in England's achievements at the Intenational Va'a Federation World Sprint Championships, coaching crews to three podium finishes. He commits himself to the growth of the sport and has been instrumental in having Great Britain outrigger canoeing recognised on the world stage.

He takes special pride in his involvement in the adaptive paddling community and has coached one of his athletes to podium finishes at the IVF World Sprint Championships.

His passion and commitment to paddle sports--and his experiences gained from racing all over the world--makes him an invaluable resource for the club. We are lucky to have him as Coach!