The United Kingdom's Outrigger Canoe Club based in Central London


Fundraising & Sponsorship

Traditionally ocean-based and the national sport of sublime ocean areas such as Hawaii and Tahiti, outrigger canoeing is one the most exciting sports that you will see on the Thames.

OCUK is the UK’s largest outrigger canoe club. The club was formed in 2001 by 10 paddlers who fundraised over £10,000 and imported the canoes from New Zealand.

Over the last ten years we've grown immensely. We have competed in races in the U.K, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Italy, England, France, Germany, Belgium & Holland. Races can be short sprints of 500m or marathon distances of up to 65 kilometres taking 5-6 hours. Our aim is to be the friendliest, open, most competitive and one of the best clubs in the UK and Europe. And we are!

As a club we train 3 times a week and also journey around the Britain looking for places to paddle – Lochness, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Calshot, Studland Bay, Brighton, & Cambersands being a few places we have paddled so far.

The club is now well-positioned to offer paddling opportunities to individuals and groups in London & across the UK. We even have members who permanently live in the north east of England and travel to London to train and compete with our club!

What does this mean to you?

Advertising opportunity!

We are a high-profile sport in London – city of Rowers – our canoes stick out like a beautiful sore thumb on the River Thames! The canoes, and our bodies make great advertising opportunities and we ourselves are capable of taking you and your colleagues out for a great day out on the Thames – a fun day paddling if you are up for it.

OCUK has overcome barriers & created a club that is united in it’s passion & determination for the continued growth & development of the sport we love. Our members are ambassadors to London culture & our well-received & increasingly frequent representation at races & events in the UK & internationally has enabled us to develop many strong relationships within the community & around the world.

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