The United Kingdom's Outrigger Club based in Central London


Club Membership

You already know that joining the club is a great way to get fit.

You might not know, though, that club membership means you actively support outrigger in Great Britain!

By becoming an OCUK member you ensure we have a home to paddle from on the Thames, right in the heart of London. All equipment is provided with your membership--you just need to turn up and paddle!

Plus, OCUK members are members of the Great Britain Outrigger (GB Outrigger), the governing body of the sport of outrigger in the UK. (You can access your GB Outrigger membership by contacting

Club members also get special prices for special club events (eg the annual training camp) and a great discount at the UK's top Outrigger and Paddle Sports shop : Imiq Paddle Sports.


OCUK Membership

To find out more about OCUK membership please visit our membership site or email the Membership Secretary at